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Rezaul Hoque

About Smiles Better Accountancy

By working exclusively with dentists, I am able to solve your problems because I’ve already met your problems. I’ve researched your problems, I’ve discussed your problems and mostly I’ve conquered your problems. Along the way, I have picked up great contacts, highly-competent people with an ethos like me to go the extra mile – so whatever you need, be it asset finance, need for new capital, being at the wrong end of tax enquiry, messy financial circumstances or to secure your future – my trusted network of advisors are on hand to help you all the way.

Most dental practitioners work long hours & surveys show that work-life balance, income and wealth creation is the major area of concern.

So my goal is to address this concern by working with dentists, particularly principals to improve their accounting and taxes but mainly to improve profits/personal income and wealth and reduce their working hours so that they can enjoy life and continue to pursue their interests.


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