Hold Music Marketing: Your Best Sales Generator Doesn’t Need Breaks

Guest writer and DBA Affiliate, Paul Rose, explains how the right telephone system hold music and messaging can generate additional revenue for your practice.
Hold Music Marketing

Imagine a member of your team who could add around 20% to the revenue generated by your practice. Now imagine that same member never took a lunch break, or a holiday, or even a day off sick…

“Who is this incredible person?” I hear you cry. Except that it’s not a person at all. This revenue generating powerhouse is living in your business right now, and yet for many practices, is being grossly under utilised.

What I’m talking about is your practice’s telephone hold music. To the uninitiated, it’s simply a means to apologise for keeping callers waiting, yet more and more companies have recognised that they can introduce new products and services to an already captive audience.

Research shows that 90% of callers will generally hang up on a call within the first forty seconds when faced with listening to silence. Add music to the equation and they’ll wait an additional thirty seconds.

However, add information messages to that music and they’ll actually wait for up to three minutes for you to reconnect with their call.

What could be achieved in that time? On average, a 15% increase in enquiries with nearly all of those based on information that the callers heard whilst waiting on hold.

In fact, using that word ‘waiting’ seems a little out of place. With truly informative messaging accompanying some music, callers really won’t feel like they’re waiting at all.

Now of course, some of you may well be thinking that you really don’t put your callers on hold for long enough for this to be relevant. One particular company put one of their callers on hold for a total of 12 seconds. When they returned to his call, he asked about the product that had just been mentioned and promptly ordered it – doubling the value of his order – and every subsequent order from him too!

The science of the power of effective hold music and messaging is a little too extensive to break down here but the bottom line is that it works, and production and installation is a lot less expensive than you might think.

With the right hold music and messaging you could educate new and existing patients on new or high ticket treatments right when they are most interested in you – when they are calling YOU!

I’ve heard stories of dentists seeing patients for a checkup only to discover they’ve been to another practice for teeth straightening or composite bonding. When they ask the patient why they didn’t get the treatment done with them, the patients says they didn’t know they did said treatment. Hold music might have eliminated this problem!

Interested in adding hold music and messaging to your phone system? Or updating your current hold music? Contact DBA Affiliate Paul Rose to learn more.

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