5 Common Mistakes Dentists Make When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Learn how to avoid working with a poor digital marketing agency with this list of 5 common mistakes from HW Digital's Hazel Woodward.
5 Common Mistakes Dentists Make When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing done the right way has enormous potential to build your brand community, grow your patient base, and skyrocket ROI. It goes without saying that choosing the right Digital Marketing Agency is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. All your efforts can be undone if you choose the wrong one.

Here, Hazel from HW Digital Marketing shares her insight on what common pitfalls to avoid when choosing the right Social Media Marketing Agency for your dental practice. 

Mistake #5 – Working Without A Marketing Budget for Campaigns

Every practice needs to have a marketing budget for the year. You will have to consider what percentage of your budget you are setting aside for digital marketing and the budget for conventional marketing. Getting a beautiful website designed will be a one-time cost, but digital marketing services usually get charged every month, so this must be taken into consideration. Also, running ads on digital marketing platforms increases your brand exposure but it’s important to set a budget, so you do not end up overspending.

Mistake #4 – Not Getting A Plan From The Digital Agency

When you work with an agency, it’s essential to ask for a plan or strategy document that includes timelines, objectives and which platforms are used to enhance your practice. You may record more success when promoted on Facebook and Instagram for cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign and Composite Bonding, or you may receive better traction on LinkedIn if you’re looking to grow your referral network. Email marketing and newsletters could also help your strategy, so explore a customised package based on your requirements.

Mistake #3 – Approaching an Agency Without A Clear Marketing Goal

It is important to have clear digital marketing objectives and carry out research before you start approaching digital marketing companies. You do not want to end up taking on unnecessary services, based on recommendations from the agency. You understand how your practice works, so ensure that the agency you choose aligns with your overall mission and vision and not the other way round.

Mistake #2 – Choosing The Most Affordable Digital Marketing Company

Price is a major constraint for most practices, but going with the cheapest digital agency could damage your brand image in the eyes of your patients if the quality of the work is very poor. A reputable marketing company will enhance your brand perception instead of damaging it, which is why it’s essential to set a reasonable budget and also expect to pay a competitive rate for high-quality work.

Mistake #1 – Not Working with A Full-Service Digital Agency

Some agencies may provide digital marketing services such as social media marketing, but they do not specialise in producing powerful websites and SEO services. As these services usually work in cohesion, it’s critical to request a demo and verify the services offered. Experience in creating a robust website, launching appropriate digital marketing services, and placing ads and content to generate the maximum number of views is essential for a successful and long term working relationship.

If you’d like help attracting more patients with your digital marketing, then get in touch withHazel from HW Digital Marketing today!

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